Aid-One Cover

The Aid One Cover aims to make people more confident to save lives by providing them a tangible and hands-on support with easyt-to-follow infographic instructions, in the case of an accident.

Aid One Cover is suitable for essentially any type of workplace, home or vehicle.

For Worksites

Make your office safer by having an Aid One Cover nearby, for instance on every floor close to other existing emergency equipment.

For Offices

On construction sites, accidents happen regardless of preventive preparation (around 15 000 in Finland every year). When these accidents are serious, a tool that helps anyone to react is very valuable.

For Vehicles

Statistically, most sudden illnesses including cardiac arrest happen at home. With the Aid One Cover in your home, you will never forget the essentials of CPR if you ever need to help a loved one.

For Homes

In car accidents, professional help is rarely close, and so the victim has to rely on the skills and available tools of bystanders. An Aid One Cover in your car’s trunk ensures that you can help or be helped.

The Aid One Cover can now be purchased from our webstore . Download our user manual here .