How Aid-One Cover Works

Lack of First Aid

The lack of first aid is a dangerous problem, one that kills as many people as cancer every year. The figures are alarming: an estimated 150 000 people die every year due to lack of first aid in the UK alone*. The major cause of this is people’s lack of confidence – many of us panic or are afraid of worsening the situation.

We have developed a tool that helps combat this challenge. A product that enables anyone to provide first aid in an emergency situation: the Aid One Cover.
*Source: St-John Ambulance, 2010

The Solution: the Aid One Cover

A compact, intuitive tool that helps anyone act in an emergency situation. The double-sided infographic cover helps to overcome panic by providing hands-on guidance on CPR and the recovery position.

The scenario

Peter arrives at his office early in the morning when he sees his colleague lying unconscious on the ground. Peter has received basic first aid training but it was many years ago, and he’s no longer confident about what to do. Below we illustrate Peter’s reaction and use of our product.


Peter falls upon an unconscious colleague at his office. His first checks if anyone else is around, but he seems to be alone. His last first aid training was ten years ago, and so he’s not entirely confident to act.


His first reflex is to call 112. From the emergency center they tell him to check whether the victim is still breathing. She is not.


Peter remembers that there is an Aid One Cover on each floor of the office. The cover is easily recognizable by its red-green packaging.


He takes the cover out of the package and places it on the floor, red-side up. With the help of the cover, he then starts to give Anna CPR.


Peter keeps repeating the necessary steps until professional help arrives.

“It’s very scary, I would not know what to do. With the cover i would become more confident about how to help.”

Goran, 28


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“This totally helped me, especially the collar piece which made me feel a lot comfortable.”

Eva, 27

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“Society definitely needs a product like this, I would buy it for my kids.”

Matti, 64, European Champion of First Aid