Africa Market Consultation

Africa is the most happening place in the world today.

Why is everyone talking about “going to Africa”? Who is already in Africa? What are they doing in Africa? How do you get into Africa? We help you answer all the above questions.

Grow with us!

We know the problems. We need your solutions. If you are a solution provider from the below categories, contact us for joint venture possibilities.

  1. Housing Development
    • Construction technologies and solutions
  2. Green Energy Development
    • Off-grid power solutions on a large scale
  3. Water purification
    • From boreholes, dams, rainwater ways
  4. Waste management
    • Waste to gain solutions.

We offer you support in the following:

  1. Sector themed project seminars for members:
  2. Partner search:
    • Partner vetting with client
    • Selected partners meeting trips to Kenya
  3. Monthly Information package on trending sectors via newsletter, closed SoMe group
  4. Optional services:
    • Legal and contract services in Kenya